Practice Fields

Infield, outfield, pitcher or catcher, any ballplayer can benefit from getting in some practice. At SC Baseball Academy, we have an extensive, 14,000 square foot facility that boasts the best softball and baseball practice fields Lexington SC has to offer.

Improving your game all starts with practicing at the best facilities. In addition to batting cages for both baseball and softball players, we have climate-controlled spaces as well as an outdoor infield ideal for both individual and team practice.

What's more, we offer professional training on our fields, ideal for the highest quality one-on-one pitching instruction in SC. In addition to that, we have the solution your need for batting instruction in SC. We can work with each individual to analyze his or her swing and make modifications so they can step with confidence to the plate.

Our in-field practice fields are ideal for any team looking to get in some extra play. We even offer discounted pricing for coaches who register some time for their team to hit the field. Combined with our batting cages and top-notch instruction, our fields are great for meeting any player's needs.

Practice Fields Rentals

60 Minutes $75.00