Baseball Cages Lexington SC

Individual Batting Instruction

They say that of all the skills necessary to any sport, the most difficult one to learn and master is hitting a baseball. In truth, it does require a lot of practice and patience. That is why we at SC Baseball Academy offer batting instruction in Lexington SC. We understand the importance of "practice makes perfect," and we can help baseball and softball players step up to the plate with confidence.

Through our one on one batting training in SC, your son or daughter will learn proper form and technique. Our staff can help identify areas of improvement, whether your child has a weakness for swinging at bad pitches or if he or she needs to work on the follow-through. We will offer tips and work with your child to help them correct mistakes and take advantage of natural talent.

We have a brand new, climate-controlled facility that features everything your young player needs to practice the game. With 14,000 square feet of things like batting cages and an outdoor infield, your son or daughter will have ample space to work on their swing. Providing your child with batting instruction will help lay the groundwork for proper technique or build on his or her slugger skills.

Our facility has opportunities for both individual players as well as teams. Contact our staff today to find out about membership opportunities as well as discounts for bringing the entire team. Give us a call at (803)785-7222.


30 Minutes 60 Minutes
Member $45 $65
Non-Member $55 $85