Baseball Training Facility

Our Facility

At SC Baseball Academy, our goal is to give local players and coaches resources for both evaluating and developing talent. We have a number of tools at your disposal at our 14,000-square-foot full-service facility in Lexington, S.C.

Through honing skills at our facility, a coach can build a better team that works cohesively while at the same time helping individuals shine by highlighting his or her natural talents and improving upon any areas of weakness.

Our SC Baseball Training Facility covers all aspects of baseball and softball:

Batting Cages

Any baseball or softball player looking to improve their swing and raise their batting average will benefit from getting into the best batting cages in Lexington SC. Our facilities at SC Baseball Academy are perfect for practicing your stance and tackling pitches.

Pitching Cages

No matter if your child is on the mound to pitch for baseball or softball, SC Baseball Academy has the facilities and instruction to help him or her develop the skills they need to pitch a good game. Our staff provides top-notch pitching instruction in Lexington SC. By taking advantage of our pitching cages, your son or daughter will learn proper technique and get in plenty of practice time.

Practice Fields

Infield, outfield, pitcher or catcher, any ballplayer can benefit from getting in some practice. At SC Baseball Academy, we have an extensive, 14,000 square foot facility that boasts the best softball and baseball practice fields Lexington SC has to offer.